Yogi’s Choice

30 days until race day. Well, 26 now. But I thought about writing this blog on the 30 day mark so we will still call it 30 days.

I’m back on another Whole 30 grind, and another 30 straight days of yoga – I would like to feel as fresh and nourished as possible, void of all toxins before running all 13 of those miles. It’s honestly a little wild to think about. And I’m wondering what I’m going to feel like that morning. Will I be able to sleep the night before? Will I be chock full of adrenaline or will I be lethargic and tired because I am notorious for wearing myself out both with training and anxiety?

Yogi’s choice.

What does that mean?

In yoga, it means you get to choose your footing, or where you place your hands on your half-way lift, or if you want your knee to rest on the ground in your lunge, or if you’d rather sit on your heels in stead of in a cross-legged seat.

In this case, it means I am empowering myself to choose how I feel on race day.

Yogi’s choice.


How often do we wake up and ask ourselves how we are feeling? Void of any active decision but just accepting how we are feeling as concrete? 

*Turns over to side table, presses snooze*

“Hell no.”

“I’m not ready for the day yet.”

“My feet hurt from last night’s run, need more sleep.”

Okay, so it’s great to check in with your body and mind, to observe and take stock. But understand that we can choose to take a deep breath in, and let it all go with our exhale. We can choose to hang on to a more positive or even neutral feeling. We can choose to have a better day. 

Yogi’s choice. 

I feel like we often forget about the power of choice. We sometimes feel so “stuck in our ways” that we don’t know how, or we forget how, to choose to change. I see it all the time. I have seen it in myself and I see it in some individuals very close to me. We get comfortable, we get complacent. 

Fear not, you can train your brain to do the opposite. Sounds a little cliché, I know. But seriously. We can rewire our brains to develop better pathways for healthier habits, and make it even EASIER to make better choices and think more positive thoughts. All of that is in our control.

Aside from working with athletes in Sport Psychology, I also work as a Recreation Therapist serving children with mental health needs and pretty severe histories of trauma. Day in and day out we are working to rewire those brains and develop healthier pathways for our kiddos. It’s awesome to see how this stuff can cross over from my personal experience, to my friends and family, to my athletes, and to my rec therapy clients. 

How is that possible, might you ask?

WE ALL HAVE BRAINS. We ALL have the power of choice. So choose to be better.

Schedule a mini-session with me. Let me empower you to find your own power of choice. Let’s rewire together. 

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