Why You Should Work With a Mental Performance Coach

Think of a time when you had competed at your best. Now think of a time when you competed at your worst. 

What do you truthfully think the difference was between those two performances? 

Most likely it was your mindset! It’s not that you weren’t in great shape or that you didn’t practice enough. Somehow, when the pressure was on you couldn’t rise to the occasion. You tried to tell yourself to focus but what does focus even really mean? How do you focus when your nerves are taking over and physically affecting your body? How do you quickly tap in and harness your confidence to perform just as well as you normally do in practice? 

With the help of mental training you can strengthen your mind so that you are able to perform under these high pressure situations just as well as you do in practice.

Let’s just acknowledge the stigma within sport psychology and working with a performance coach right off the bat. This idea that sport psychology is just “therapy for athletes” is completely false. While sessions themselves can be therapeutic, that’s not the point of mental training. Training your mind is just like training your body and physical skills. Mental Performance Coaches work just like your regular coach by coaching you through mental reps of different psychological techniques, drills, situations, and scenarios. We provide tools for you to utilize at different points of your games or competitions. We help your mental performance on and off the field so that come game time all you gotta do is trust in your training and compete.

Having a strong mental game is the difference between being good and being great! Mental training teaches you to think clearly and use your mind effectively in game time situations and difficult workouts. Just as you learned not to swing at bad pitches, mental training helps you learn not to chase your bad thoughts. We help you turn your negative inner critic into a positive helpful coach! We’ll work on skills that help you recognize competition as a challenge to rise up to rather than a threat to back down from. 

Think of your brain like a computer. It needs software to properly function. If you don’t have the right software then you just have a big, non-updated, non-properly working computer. So what’s the software then? Your mindset. The more you improve your mindset through practicing mental skills the better your software is and the more efficient your computer is! We know how powerful the brain is so why aren’t we training it just as much as we do our bodies? It’s time for athletes to take on a new approach and mindset in sports. We are finally shifting away from the old school thinking of sports as just being tough, gritty athletes that push through injuries and overwork until they reach mental and physical burnout. This new wave of athletes is understanding that the combination of being in prime physical shape and an unbreakable healthy mentality is what takes you to the elite level!

Remember that your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your competition. Train to be the most lethal athlete you can be.

If you are interested in mental training or learning more about what our specific training looks like please email me or sign up for a free mini session!

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