Tomer Blas

Hey there. My name is Tomer Blas. Growing up I played soccer in a team called Hapoel Bet-Shean. We played at the first division, as well as the second division in Israel. It was always my dream as a kid to play professional soccer and I believed that I had the grit, tenacity and will of mind to do it. At 16-year-old I was about to take the next step to make that dream come true. I advanced to the U18, varsity team of the soccer club. I knew that my size was my main disadvantage, so I planned to work with the club’s personal trainer over the summer. I trained 6 days a week lifting weights, running, swimming and doing technique drills. Unfortunately, I over-worked myself into a back injury that cost me 6 months out of the season. I did come back to play the next season and was even called up to join the senior squad that was playing pro soccer in the third division in Israel. That experience taught me that setbacks are a part of the game, and that they give us an opportunity to get a different perspective on sports and the life beyond it. 

At 18 I received the call to join the senior team, but I was already on my way to join the Israeli Air Force. Serving in the military for 2.5 years meant that my soccer career was not meant to be. I kept playing afterwards in the amateur level, but I decided to move to the USA to pursue a professional career in psychology. I started at a community college and managed to get an academic merit scholarship to finish my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Rollins College, a private college in Orlando, Florida. Although I had different careers and explored different options, I always knew that my passion was to work in sports. When I realized that I can combine my love for psychology and my passion for sport in the field of sport psychology, I knew that this will be my future occupation.

For the past few years I have been coaching soccer and gymnastics at the different youth levels and I have encountered the different struggles that teenage athletes deal with on and off the field. Combining my athletic experience and my psychology education, I drove the athletes in my teams to push themselves to the limit while juggling the other demands of their life.  

Since 2018, I have been working as a sport psychology consultant with teams and individuals in different sports and performance types. I have worked with wrestlers, singers, dancers, gymnasts, soccer players, hockey players, and more. This has been a dream come true to help athletes and performers of all types and levels achieve their ultimate self, and to realize their dreams. 

Being a part of the team of Sterling Sport Mindset allows me to work with many people who cannot connect to a sport psychology consultant due to accessibility, and I am excited to help get you started on improving your mental game!

My main line of work has been to help athletes deal with their fear of competition, anxiety before and during competition, building team values and cohesion, developing confidence, building a goal-setting plan and more. 

My focus in the field is on five mental skills that every individual can use: goal setting, relaxation techniques, imagery, constructive self- talk and focus. I believe that using these tools and their derivatives can improve an athlete’s mental toughness, build their resiliency and ensure that they have “clutch” performances when it counts on and off the field. The mindset that we will build together will not only help you be a better athlete today. It will also help you become a better person tomorrow. 

In the future I hope to work more with first responders due to my military background and develop a mental toughness program for combat athletes who deal with a unique type of adversity in their athletic field.    

Sport psychology tools and skills have been used for athletes, business individuals, first responders, performers, and more. Whether you are getting drafted into the military, a college athlete, a high school gymnast or a runner who is training for their first marathon, sport psychology can help you achieve your goals and train your brain just as much as you train your body!

Thinking of trying it out, but you are not sure about what it is that we are going to do? Schedule a free mini session today and give it a shot! 

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky, NHL hall of famer.