Former clients share their testimonials:

“I have known Dr. Linda for something like 4 or 5 years now. She has taken on so many roles for me as I’ve moved through my collegiate academic and athletic careers, I don’t know a single person who has had more influence on my personal success than her. She has this innate ability to guide you in finding your own answers while both challenging and supporting you in all areas of life.

It’s about so much more than learning how to win with Dr. Linda, it’s about developing a growth mindset that finds roots in each compartment of your life so you can succeed as a human being and not just an athlete.”

“I have had the privilege of meeting Dr. Linda through being a college athlete for four years. I now play basketball overseas, and I have yet to find a more influential sport psychology consultant.

When I met Dr. Linda I was going through a rough patch in my athletic career. She has a way of making you see the bigger picture and putting things in perspective. It’s definitely what I believe all athletes needs in order to take their career to the next level, and Dr. Linda is the right person for that.”

“I was very impressed with Dr. Linda and the contribution she made to our basketball team. Our players really benefited from the work she did with them. Linda worked with each player and coach individually. She also gave me great suggestions in the area of team building.

We had several players who completely turned their season around and they gave the majority of the credit to Dr. Linda. They still practice a number of the methods and continue to benefit from her help.

I strongly feel that there is no limit to the benefit that will come from having a sport psychologist as part of an athletic program. I feel that Linda is at the top of her profession. Without any hesitation, I can strongly suggest Dr. Linda.”

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