Summer Mindset Work

Hey there! We’re back from our blog break! We’ve been working on a few new projects. Exciting announcements coming soon.

Right now we’re pumped about the increase in athletes doing summer mindset work.

Summer is such a great time to focus on developing your complete mental game. You may still be competing and of course training—but you’ve probably got a little more free time with school out for the summer.

Speaking of complete mental game, if you haven’t seen a sample of our Playbook (which you get as part of the program when you sign up), be sure to read about it on our website. It covers everything from goal setting, to confidence, to intensity, to relationships, to life beyond sport.

We’re loving the use of this guide in and out of sessions. We know that sport happens outside of a session and the Playbook (plus our out-of-session support) will help keep your head in the game between appointments.

Our signature Mindset Membership program with our collaborative mental game plan developmental process is creating great results for our clients—in sport & life!

We’re so inspired by our clients, I’ve even decided to get back in the game.

Training for an August 5K! Yep I said it. Day 3 in the books, a Spotify playlist created, and a mention in this blog—you know it’s happening now.

My hubby and I are XC parents and we need to train for the fall season! If you don’t have a plan and a quick pace, you’re only gonna catch a few seconds of a 3 mile race.

If you’ve been to a XC meet, you know some of the parents can really move! This year I intend to be one of them.

Well… I probably won’t be a super XC parent, because my high school runner is for sure not on board with that. 🙂 But with training I could be if I wanted to. And that’s what counts.

Fall sport in your future? Will this be the season you are unstoppable? Put in the summer mindset work! Let’s chat in a free mini session!

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