Steven Ibanez – Intern

Steven Ibanez Photo

I have been a huge fan of sports for as long as I can remember. As a child, I praised athletes like Mia Hamm, Kobe Bryant, and Jerry Rice. Although I appreciated their amazing talents on the field. What took me by surprise was there “never give up” mindset. This is where my love for Sport Psychology began.

My name is Steven Ibanez. I was born in San Jose California, where I lived until I was about five. By that time my family had saved enough money, we moved to a small town called Antioch, as my parents decided to raise our family outside of a hectic city. (Can’t say I blame them!) Here I grew up in a four-bedroom home that was always full of family. My cousins would come over weekly to play and have some sort of family dinner. My siblings and I would spend most of our time outside running or on our bicycles. It’s safe to say family and the outdoors played a major role in my upbringing.

My whole life I played competitive soccer. This sport allowed me the opportunity to travel across the world and meet amazing people. Although with many great memories, there were also heartbreaks. Knee surgeries and bad beats have left a bitter taste in my career. But, coaching and helping athletes at the University of Saint Mary has brought me a newfound love for the game. 

Currently, I am studying at the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas and will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.  I hope to earn the position of Graduate Assistant soccer coach and gain acceptance into the Counseling Master’s program. My final goal is to become a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and be able to work with athletes of all ages. 

From this internship, I look forward to developing a better understanding of the day to day of a CMPC. In addition, I observe and learn the background of running a Sport Psychology Practice. Overall, I am eager to contribute to Sterling Sport Mindset in any way that I can and am excited to learn from this experience!