Shana Silger, M.S., CMPC, LPC

Hello! I’m Shana Silger. Let me give you the run down on myself. As a former multi-sport high school athlete and a Division I collegiate athlete, I understand the demands of school, practice, travel, homework, strength training, chores, and attempting to have a social life.

As a young athlete in the early 1990s, I spent every weekend of my summers playing travel ball before it was a thing. I get it.

I understand what you are up against and the pressure you feel. I understand what it is like to be away from home and everyone you know and love. I understand what it is like to come back from injuries. I understand what it is like to live a successful life after sports are over and you decide to hang it up. I understand what is like to transition from your primary identity as “an athlete” to some other version of yourself after your sport ends and to live a life after sports.

It is a difficult stage to find peace with. And even now as a parent of young athletes, I find myself helping my children navigate these same demands I faced as a young athlete, plus maintaining relationships with others who are important to me, accomplishing my career goals, while also finding time to pursue my own athletic endeavors for my own personal physical health and mental well-being.

My thirst for competition hasn’t ended as an adult. I continue to challenge myself mentally and physically. I have completed several races – 5ks, 10ks, a 15k, and even a half marathon as a gift to myself for my 40thbirthday. I have continued to work out throughout the years, even today. I enjoy doing everything from weight training to HIIT to yoga. Anyone who knows me, would agree I am committed to living an overall healthy lifestyle. 

I’m here for you. I’m here to provide the mental skills necessary for you to accomplish your goals on and off the field. Just as intensely as we engage our bodies in strength and agility training for our sport, we must condition and train our minds with mental skills that not only give us the competitive edge over those who we compete against, but also provide us with the tenacity to be successful in our overall lives and life after sports. Let me guide you through these challenges. Let me help you gain your edge to think, train, and thrive as an athlete.

I’m married to a former college athlete, Seth, who continues to pursue his own athletic goals through powerlifting. Our children, Sophie and Spencer, are the highlight of our life. It is amazing to watch them grow and develop. We enjoy volunteer coaching not only our own children but children in our community. In my spare time, I enjoy vacationing and doing outdoor activities with my family, such as hiking and rock climbing. We are known for turning everything into some sort of competition at our house, whether it’s an obstacle course, kickball game in the yard, or a race down our lane to the mailbox and back.

I am a mental performance coach with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology who is here to help you tailor your goals, implement your mental strategies, and embrace your championship mindset. 

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Shana Silger, M.S., CMPC, LPC – Sterling Sport Mindset Team Captain