Re-Goaled & Re-Energized

My goals were getting shifty. So I re-goaled. It’s a thing. And it’s okay. I’m in love with my new goals.

First, let’s talk about the old goals. 1) Meditate at least 30 minutes every morning. 2) Do the HIIT Mamas 90 day challenge. 3) Lose x amount of weight.

Were they SMART(S)? Yep.

Were they a good fit for me? Yes, then no.

Did they spark joy? Kind of.

Were they a hell yes? Not really. And if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.

So here we are. I want goals that fuel me. Completely. Not kind of.

A little backstory: I set these goals at the end of December. The new year looked shiny and bright.

  • I had just left a soul-crushing job. I know you’re thinking soul-crushing? That seems dramatic. Maybe, but it certainly wasn’t good. But in late December it was cool, because it was over and I could focus full time on Sterling Sport Mindset. It was a calculated risk, but overall, life was good.
  • There was this government shutdown thing (and my husband is a government employee), but surely that wouldn’t last long. 🙂
  • While having had a strict no-exercise restriction for the last several months (due to a few autoimmune conditions), it was time to get back at it. Feel like an athlete again. I left the soul-crushing situation, so I had a little room for the good stress that comes from exercise, right?

Can you see the perfect storm headed my way?

FYI, I rocked the first two weeks of 2019. Didn’t miss a workout. Meditating everyday? Check. (The meditating was never an issue. I’m on a 200+ day streak and I don’t plan on stopping that anytime soon!) The scale…not going down & even up a few days, but no worries. These things take time, especially given my health challenges.

Three weeks in: I’m going to all the events for the business. So much travel. Finishing up projects, launching a new one: for my NW MO peeps, sleeping less, trying to fit in the workouts, beating myself up about missing them, feeling increasing pressure to bring in more funds, worrying about hubby stuck at home and unable to work, eating quick food instead of good food, and working to manage my mind throughout this. Oh and completing every new task or favor asked of me. Just for fun, I guess.

Hold up. This won’t work. Time to break the loop.

My goals were SMART, but not for this season of my life.

Hooray me for making this realization! Total legit quit scenario.

Enter new goals!

Well, first came the what if’s and doubts that I’ve warned you about. So I did the goal setting from abundance exercise. What’s going well? What do I already have in my life? Gratitude is a game changer. Now see the future me who has achieved my goals. Visualize it. What does it look like? How do I act/show up? How did I get there?

Time to get uncomfortable. In a good, growth mindset way. The first half of January certainly wasn’t comfortable, but it wasn’t the discomfort that leads to positive change. It was the kind that keeps you stuck.

Now, enter the new goals!

1. Implement morning routine.

  • 90 Minute Meditation (I currently do 60 minutes, but get uncomfortable after that, so 90 it is!)
  • Visualization (See the goal achiever me. Damn she’s impressive.)
  • Journal my goals (Ink it, don’t think it) & gratitude (about me & my world).

2. Eat from the Autoimmune Protocol–AIP. (I do this kind of well already, but remember kind of isn’t what I’m going for.)

3. Break the Loop. Fire & Rewire (neurons). Notice negative thoughts & replace with positive. (Basic sport psych here, but the negative spiral has gotten the best of me lately).

So 3 goals. Just 3 right now. I really wanna add exercise (more than getting my steps in) and I will. Later. AFTER I have this down. I’ll revisit in late February. You’ll probably hear about it in our February motivation series.

Until then, let’s do this.

Want to join me? It’s super simple to sign up for a free mini session.

P.S. How am I setting myself up for success?

  1. I LOVE these goals. “The fire must come from within,” right?
  2. I’ve now announced them to all of you, my supportive friends. 🙂
  3. I have a system for the morning routine. A dedicated notebook and headphones strategically placed next to the lamp in the room where I meditate.
  4. Meal prep. Always have AIP food on hand.
  5. A bracelet on my wrist to remind me to Fire & Rewire.
  6. There is no 6, but WordPress keeps adding a 6. Gotta just roll with it!

P.P.S. Do you love your goals? Let’s chat!

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