Progress is not Linear

I hit a yoga pose this afternoon that I’ve been working on for months. Once I was finally in it, it seemed so simple. So effortless. And it felt good. 

My body has felt very broken since retiring from track and field. I’ve been so up and down – losing weight, gaining weight, running too much, not running enough, lifting too much, lifting too little, consistent yoga, inconsistent yoga, double knee pain, hip pain, wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain, disappointment in body image and disappointment in being disappointed in my body image. 

I started a Whole30 on February 18th and finished successfully on March 19th. That was huge for me, I was proud. I also did 30 days of yoga with that Whole30 (shout out Yoga with Adrianne on YouTube, she is amazing). I fought off sugar cravings and learned to hang out with my friends without drinking – but it was challenging. I definitely learned that the external support isn’t always there. The people who you surround yourself with every day don’t always have your back when it comes to making positive life changes. Honestly seems wild when I say that out loud (or as I write that in this blog, rather).

As March turned into April, April into May, and May into June, I am now 7 weeks into a half marathon training program, on track to run at Go Girl Run KC on August 25th. COULD NOT BE MORE STOKED. Okay sorry for the all caps but seriously, training for this run has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve been looking for new avenues to push my body and grow since leaving the college track and field scene – I just never thought I would find it in marathon training. I had a 10 mile run last Sunday for the first time in my life and ran the entire thing at a solid pace without stopping and am still looking back on that day with a smile on my face.

With warmer months unfolding, I have been so much more open to positive change. Body and mind – I feel better. Getting into that yoga pose this afternoon with ease, post 8 mile run, was just the icing on the cake. 

I was chatting with my older brother earlier this last week about my training for this half marathon. More specifically, I ran a terrible 8 mile endurance run two weeks ago followed by a killer 10 mile with beautiful pace control only one week later. I was confused. He told me, “Progress is not linear.” And that really stuck with me. Not just in running or in yoga or in the weight room but in life. Sometimes progress is taking a few steps back or sideways, or finding an entirely new path and adjusting our plans, even when it’s hard to accept. And that’s exactly where I am at right now. 

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