Pre-Year Resolutions

Every year, people all over the world make New Year’s resolutions for themselves, goals that they wish to achieve as the clock resets and a new year begins. And every year, people all over the world crush their goals at first then start to fade out a few weeks later as the newness wears off and the same old same old starts to set in again.

I, myself, am just as guilty of this every single year. I find myself flourishing with optimism and hope as January begins then eventually reverting back to the old me by the beginning of February. So, this year instead of making new-year resolutions, I decided to make pre-year resolutions that I began at the beginning of December! I thought that this would be the right fit for me so by the time January 1 hit, I had already been working on my resolutions and achieving my goals. Instead of starting from nothing, I simply had to just keep going!

The goals that I am always trying to achieve and usually always falling short of are my personal physical and health goals. I will be the first to tell you that I am junk food’s biggest fan and the gym’s worst enemy. I am great at having good intentions but actually carrying out these intentions are a different story entirely.

When coming back to school during the Fall semester, I was the heaviest that I had ever been. I worked at a daycare all summer and if you’ve ever worked with kids, you know that a salad is not what you are craving when you finally get a break. I was unhappy with how I felt and how I looked so I desperately wanted to change that. Without actually setting any “real” goals, I still managed to lose some weight throughout the semester. But, when finals came around I found myself starting to undo everything I had worked on that semester. So, I finally decided that it was time to set myself some goals!

The goals I set for myself are centered around working out more and eating healthier. By the end of Spring finals, I want to have lost 25 more pounds, which is roughly a pound to a pound and a half a week. In order to achieve this I plan to go to the gym or do some kind of at-home workout 5 days a week and at least 30 minutes each time. I also am tracking how many calories I take in on a daily basis and how much I burn off. This gives me an accurate calorie deficit to ensure that I will meet my weight goals. If you’re anything like me, I will eat junk food in a heartbeat if it is available to me. So, to beat that devil, I make a list before going grocery shopping and only buy the items on my list (which is never allowed to include junk food). I also take my lunch or dinner to work with me every day so that I stick to my meal plan and also save a little money while I’m at it.

I’ve currently been implementing all of these “rules”, per say, since the beginning of December and am still going strong (although Christmas and New Year’s Eve were quite the tests to my strength). I love the fact that I started early so when New Year’s Day rolled around, I didn’t have any pressure to start something new, or quit something old like everyone else. It was simply another day for me where I just kept doing what I had been doing. I think that was the ultimate change that I needed to discover for myself. Now, I’m smaller than I’ve been in years, my clothes are fitting more loosely (such a great problem to have), and I’m finding myself a lot happier than I have been in a while.

It may seem scary and impossible, but all it takes to be the you you’ve always wanted to be is learning how to set a good goal, knowing how to reach that goal, and a little willpower along the way.

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