Lindsay Arnold, M.S.

Welcome y’all!

Similar to many of you, I grew up playing multiple sports from an early age. I spent the majority of my evenings on a basketball court, soccer field, softball diamond, or volleyball court. I was passionate about all of the sports that I competed in, but I especially loved basketball. I lived and breathed this sport for so many years playing on rec, travel, AAU, and my high school varsity team. Entering high school, I thought basketball could lead me to success as a student-athlete in college. School and sports was really all I knew, so why not continue to compete at the next level? Well to some dismay, I faced a bit of adversity…myself.

I was standing in my own way.

So, to paint the picture, let’s fast forward to my senior year. I was tired, under-performing, and disinterested. I had little self-esteem. I was anxious just to step onto the court. I started to become resentful of the sport I once loved as a young girl. Looking back on it now, I was experiencing signs of staleness and burnout. However, at the time, I had no idea about the field of sport psychology, mental performance, or really the fact that your mind could play such an immense role in your performance outcomes. It was not until my sophomore year of college, when I changed my major to sport and exercise psychology, that I realized there was a whole field of professionals dedicated to teaching skills that were exactly what I needed as an athlete — mental skills training. Here, I also recognized the transferability of mental skills, as they can be used in sport and non-sport settings.

With that said, I am passionate about working with you as your mental performance coach. Not only with dedication to your mental game will you maximize your current strengths to see performance enhancements, but you will also learn how to transfer these skills to other parts of who YOU are — student, daughter, son, mother, father, etc. You are first and foremost an individual with many unique identities, experiences, ideas, and feelings. Thus, my job is to help you enhance the current techniques you implement in your life, sport or non-sport setting, while also aiding in the development of new strategies you can apply to perform at your peak level more consistently both in and out of your sport(s). By coupling physical and mental training, you will gain a competitive edge in your sport or performance domain. With dedication to your mental game, you will leave me, your mental performance coach, as a more well-rounded individual capable of overcoming adversity.

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Since we are more than just who we are in our sport, get to know me!

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I went to an all-girls’ private high school, Mercy High School. At Mercy, I was a member of three varsity teams for all four years, one of which was the varsity basketball team. Our basketball team competed in The Game, which was an annual rivalry game that attracted the largest crowd for a high school girls’ basketball game in the state. Talk about mental prep…I wish I had it!

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise psychology and a minor in human services from West Virginia University. Let’s Go…Mountaineers! While at WVU, I competed on the women’s club volleyball team and tutored student-athletes. Next, I headed south to Statesboro, GA where I completed my Master’s degree in kinesiology, sport and exercise psychology concentrate at Georgia Southern University…GATA! In grad school, I had the opportunity to provide mental performance coaching to various Division I student-athletes. I also worked as an Athletic Academic Advisor for the football team. Thus, I understand the demands of life as a student-athlete at the Division I level.

My husband, Brent, a former DI soccer player, and I live in Newnan, GA with our adorable golden retriever, Rory. In our spare time, we enjoy exercising, playing golf, and getting ice cream at our favorite local spot!

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