Josh Scheible, MSc.

So often people think of preparation for competition as physical such as, lifting weights, running laps, and constant technical repetition. Yes, physical preparation is incredibly important, but if your mental game isn’t there, all of that hard, physical preparation only takes you so far.  I am here to show you that consistent attention to your mental game can completely revolutionize your competition preparation, and enhance performance outcomes.

As an athlete, I played college football as an outside linebacker at Central College in Pella, Iowa. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology. It was here that I discovered Sport Psychology. My coach at the time incorporated some Sport Psychology techniques into our pre-game preparation and I quickly learned the value of these exercises. Instead of suppressing my performance anxiety, I found myself using it as a tool. The ability to channel my anxiety into focus was the key. I started making more plays on the field which boosted my confidence. I felt clearer than I ever had. After putting together a 100 tackle, 5 sack season, it was at this time that I decided I needed to provide this knowledge to athletes similar to me.

The experience inspired me to get my Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Bangor University in Wales, United Kingdom. It was here that I was taught by some of the top researchers in the field of Sport Psychology about how to improve mental toughness, team cohesion, and overall performance. 

After coming back to the United States, I found Dr. Linda Sterling and reached out to her to further enhance my skills as a mental performance consultant. I knew working with her was a perfect fit because of her illustrious career, as well as her enthusiasm for helping athletes of all skill levels optimize performance. The Sterling Sport Mindset environment fosters further learning that is invaluable to my growth as a mental performance consultant and to the growth of our athletes.

Let me put my skill set to work for you! I will make it my mission to help you achieve that breakout season and reach your performance goals on and off the field. You won’t find another mental performance coach that approaches their clientele with the same ferocity as me.

When you’re ready to gain that competitive edge over your competition, schedule your free mini session with me today!