Goal Setting: Get Tips

At this point in the Goal Series, you’ve turned your vision into a SMART goal and you’re coming from a place of abundance. Nice work!

Today, I’ve got a few tips to help you achieve those goals.

Here are 7 Goal Getting Guidelines:

Only set a few at a time. When we get in goal setting mode, we really want to go for it. We think, let’s change up everything. New year, new me, right?! Gotta slow down a little. Really focus on what matters. What changes do you want to make now?

Keep your goals positive. Always positive. You want a positive thought in your head, not a negative one. I talk about this a lot with athletes. It’s much better for an infielder to be thinking “Play solid defense” instead of “Don’t make an error.” With the last phrase, “error” is the last word stuck in your heard. And that doesn’t usually turn out well. Put yourself in a positive position.

“Ink it, don’t think it.” There is something powerful about writing down your goals. Like it’s more real once it’s on paper. There is a lot of research about how we’re more likely to do (and remember) the things we’ve actually written down.

Keep your goals visible. Once you’ve written them down, put them in a place you’ll see them often. Write them on a mirror, put them on the fridge. Make it the wallpaper on your phone. I love to pair my goals with pictures (using the WordSwag app). This way I’m reminded of my goals each time I look at my phone…which is way too often. Working on it!

Share with supportive friends. This one gets a bit tricky. Sometimes we’re hesitant to share because we don’t know the reaction we’ll get. That’s where the “supportive” part comes in. As Brene Brown says, “Only share with those who have earned the right to hear your story.” This goes for goals too. Sometimes we’re hesitant to share because we’re afraid we won’t achieve it, if that’s the case for you, dive into the mindset behind that. A free mini session would be a great time to clarify what’s going on!

Track goal progress. We all love a before and after. We don’t always love the middle. Tracking your progress will help keep you going during the middle where results aren’t as noticeable. Tracking also helps you to know if you’ve started to veer off the path. Depending on your goal, you could use an electronic tracker or keep a journal.

Reward yourself. Not just at the end. Along the way too. It doesn’t have to be a huge reward. Just something small, yet meaningful, to keep you going. If you work out every day for a week, maybe get yourself a new pair of socks! I so want new socks right now. Totally going to earn some for myself, but feel free to set your own reward. 🙂

There you go! A few tips to keep you on track during the goal getting process.

I’d love to chat about your goals. It’s super easy to sign up for a free mini strategy session! Talk soon!

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