Goal Setting: Get Inspired

It’s that time of year. The time where everyone talks goal setting. You’ll hear from goal setters, goal getters, and goal haters. (I’ve got some thoughts on goal haters, but I’ll leave that topic for later this month.)

And this year, no goal hater can stop you anyway. This is your year!

I’m with you. I love goals. I love goal setting. I love goal getting. I love the whole process. I love it so much that it’s the Sterling Sport Mindset Skill of the Month.

So if you’re with me, let’s do this.

This month we’ll cover all sorts of goal setting and getting topics:

  • Goal Setting: The How To
  • Goal Setting from Abundance
  • Goals Won’t Make You Happy (And Why You Should Still Set Them)
  • Goal Getting Tips
  • Re-Goaling
  • Individual Goal Updates from the Sterling Sport Mindset Team

I’m pumped just typing this!! I seriously love goals.

Today we’re starting with the basics. Actually, the before the basics.

Next time, we’ll put your goals in optimal goal getting format. Right now, we’re gonna get inspired.

1. Write down (this part is super important) everything you want to accomplish this year. “It would be so awesome to…” Make a list of as many things as you can think of. All of your hopes & dreams for the upcoming year. Don’t limit yourself.

2. Now look at your list. Focus on just a few. Three, actually. Think about which goals are most powerful. Which goals will stretch you. Cross out the rest or put them on a “Goals for Later” list. Doesn’t mean you’re not going to reach those goals, just means you’re going to devote all of your energy to the Top 3.

3. Take some time to think about what it will look and feel like accomplishing these goals. Use your imagery skills to see yourself training/working for and achieving your goals (movie montage style).

4. Now take that warm, fuzzy, inspired feeling and start owning it. Identity is key. What do you need to do to become the person who _________? Make a list of the actions you’ll need to take.

Next blog, we’ll turn your inspirational images into inspired action.

Ready to do this? You’ve got goals and you’re ready to go get ’em. I’m so with you!

Let’s do a free mini strategy session! It’s super easy to sign up here.

Talk soon!

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