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100 pages of mindset awesomeness to take your game to the next level.

The Playbook isn’t a textbook. As a former professor, I know you’re not looking to learn the theory. You’re looking for results.

Your time is valuable. The Playbook is full of to-the-point mindset exercises to get you out of your head and into the game.

When the competition is fierce your mental game is the game changer.

You get that and you’re ready to get to work. Let’s do this.

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What’s covered in the Playbook?

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents.

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Each Play (content area) begins with a super brief “Train Your Brain” info section then moves right into action with at least three exercises.

The Playbook isn’t just about how to be more confident and less anxious. It’s about living a good life off the field too, so we’ve included exercises for Relationships and Beyond Sport.

You’ll find a few Brain Bonuses too!

All for $147.

And you can add a coaching session! We recommend this so we can give you a little extra guidance on how to best use the Playbook to reach your goals.

Coaches, are you thinking of developing your own mental skills program?

You took a Sport Psych class and you know it works, but you’re not sure how to teach it to your athletes.

We’ve done the work for you. You can focus on coaching. Let the Playbook do the rest.

We offer a generous team discount so you can get a Playbook to everyone on your team. We’ll even come do a workshop for your team or coaching staff!

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