Don’t Hate the Hustle

Seems like hustle has gotten a bad name lately. “Escape the hustle.” “Quit the hustle.” “Stop the hustle.”

I hear it all the time. The message is intended as “Stop being so busy.” “Relax.” “Don’t overwork.” “Take care of yourself.”

I get what they’re saying, but as an athlete (and really just as a person with goals), you can’t hate the hustle.

Hustle in sport is never bad. It’s never wrong. You’ll never hear a coach in a post-game interview say “We just had too much hustle out there today.” “If we could just tone down the hustle, we’d be okay.” “Too many hustle errors.” Nope. That’s just not a thing.

Hustle is good.

Let’s clarify what hustle is. Hustle is working hard. Hustle is being focused and intentional with your actions. Hustle is going all out toward your goal.

Hustle is getting every loose ball. Hustle is running through first base. Hustle is full court press. Hustle is being in your position every play. Hustle is diving when the ball is out of reach. Hustle is running past the line on every sprint.

Hustle is doing all you can in the moment.

Sound exhausting? It’s supposed to be. That discomfort is the currency of your dreams. You don’t look back on a playing career and say “I wished I hadn’t hustled so hard.” That’s what you look back on as most proud of. That’s why there’s a Hustle Award!

The great thing about hustle is that it’s under your control. Your shot might not be falling, but you can always hustle. You might not be picking up the ball well, but you can always hustle. You might not make the starting line-up, but you can always hustle. Your team may not be winning, but you can always hustle.

This goes for life outside of sport too.

Now, I’m not saying don’t rest. That’s where the “Stop the Hustle” movement gets it wrong, by implying that hustle means to never rest. If you’ve done it right, you HAVE TO REST. We’re not meant to hustle 24/7. Take a breather between sprints. Get a water break. Clear your mind. Cool down. Stretch & recover. Do your thought work.

Then hustle again.

While you should definitely hustle for your goals, there’s one thing that you don’t hustle for…your worthiness. You do not hustle for your worthiness. You don’t hustle to show a coach, parent, teammate, or even yourself that you’re worth it. You hustle because you are already worthy. Regardless of where you place or if you even get to play, you’re worthy.

We’re all worthy. We’re all enough. That’s not up for negotiation.

Hustle (like goals) won’t make you worthy or happy, but it will help you see what you can do. It’ll help you see what you can accomplish. What goals you can achieve. What extra action and results you can provide.

But hustle doesn’t dictate who you are.

If you’re trying to find your hustle and you’re just not feeling it, look at your thoughts. Remember the process. Thoughts – feelings – actions – results.

If hustle is the action required for the results you want (and trust me, it is), you’ve gotta choose the thoughts that get you there.

And that’s what we help athletes and achievers do. So let’s make it happen. Schedule your free mini-session today!

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