Courtney Bishop, Intern

Hello! My name is Courtney Bishop. I am currently a senior at Northwest Missouri State University and I plan to graduate with a B.S. in Psychology along with minors in Sport Psychology and Child and Family Studies in the fall of 2019.

I am from Waverly, Missouri; a small farm town in the middle of nowhere. If I could describe my childhood in one word, it would be sports.

I grew up playing every sport that was available to me and that my parents would agree to. I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and even dabbled in swimming when I was younger. Throughout high school, I continued to play these sports competitively as much as I could.

I loved the competition aspect, being part of a team, the dedication it took, and even the crazy schedules it created.

I couldn’t imagine a day without a practice or game to look forward to, I completely identified myself as an athlete. That is, until I suffered a devastating knee injury my senior year that prohibited me from playing my last seasons of basketball and softball. After this injury, I decided not to play competitively in college, but still play for fun any chance I can get.

My whole life I have loved sports and also loved helping people in any way I could. That is when I decided that combining the two would create my perfect career path!