Cindy Swatek, M.S.

I am Cindy Swatek, otherwise known as Coach Swatek. I’m the mom to two teenagers who compete in athletics, I am married to Matthew who was a high school and collegiate volleyball player, I ran track in high school, played softball in junior high and high school, and I played volleyball in high school, club, college, and as an adult. I have coached volleyball for more than 20 years at nearly every level from youth to collegiate club and it has been a huge passion of my life. I just began my 27th season of coaching volleyball and I love working with athletes as much today as I did when I first started my coaching career. 

I became intrigued with Sport Psychology when I was a collegiate volleyball player at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. I had struggled with some injuries and felt that I was missing something in my game even though I was working extremely hard during practices and matches. I was always THAT player who would try to “win” every drill and I would stay after practice to work on my skills, but it didn’t always pay off. I was definitely lacking mental skills.

I learned more about Sport Psychology during a college internship at KU with the women’s basketball program and Peak Performance Clinic. I knew I had found my passion, although “life” happened and I wasn’t able to go straight into grad school. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and I was a high school volleyball coach and physical education teacher for awhile, until I took some time to be a full time mom and the founder and director of a non-profit organization.

After college and in the years to follow, I read books and scoured the internet for information about Sport Psychology and then in 2017, I realized a lifelong goal when I began Graduate school at the University of Kansas in the Sport Psychology department.

Becoming a Mental Performance Consultant is another goal I have had for myself and I’m proud to be a part of Sterling Sport Mindset! 

My strengths include helping improve athlete-coach dynamics, helping athletes hone their communication skills, team building/strengthening, goal setting, developing resilience, and battling performance anxiety. I have been an athlete, a coach, a referee, and also the parent of athletes and my experience of participating in sport in various capacities helps me to better understand the dynamics of sport. These skills are not just limited to sport, though. I played the violin for 8 years and I understand first-hand the importance of being mentally prepared for performance. I’d also love the opportunity to help those in the musical performance realm become more mentally tough because I know that having the correct mindset can be beneficial to you, too! 

I have had some very influential coaches and mentors lead me in my life and they have helped me become the person I am today. I love my job because I get to pay it forward and help others see their potential and strive to become the best person they can be.

Let’s get started! I think we are going to make a GREAT team!!  Schedule a free mini session today!