Carli Lucke, M.S.

If you’re anything like me, you are always searching for a way to better yourself whenever you can. As a former Division 1 Track and Field sprinter, improving by 1% everyday meant everything to my performance. I was always trying to better myself in every big and small way I could. Sprinting comes down to the last tenth of a second. It comes down to the person who is just a bit stronger, to the runner who stays intense but smooth enough to run in flow, to the person that has that mental edge that no other competitor does. Shaving just .01 seconds off of my race time meant the difference between winning and losing. Understanding this concept meant that my sport was just as physically competitive as it was mentally. 

Hi, I’m Carli and learning the mental game is what changed my life as an athlete and as a person! 

I spent the majority of my life competing in sports. I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania playing varsity soccer, track & field, and cheerleading all of middle and high school. While I had a huge love for all sports, racing on the track had the biggest place in my heart. I became obsessed with training and competing not only against other athletes but against myself. I always wanted to be better but still didn’t quite know that having mental skills and growing my mental toughness would help me get there. Fast forward to college – I sprinted at Bucknell University where I would complete my degree in psychology. My journey on the D1 track wasn’t easy by any means. When I became injured sophomore year, I realized the many tragic mental barriers I had developed and couldn’t figure out how to overcome them. I questioned my identity, my confidence, my physical ability. I became withdrawn and felt defeated. But I figured out that I was the only thing getting in my own way and I could either become my own biggest enemy or my biggest motivator by mastering my mind (Enter Mental Skills*).

Without access to a Sport Psychologist or Mental Performance Consultant, I decided to start doing research in the field myself with the help of one of my professors. I fell in love with improving and strengthening my mental game in order to optimize my performance on the track. I then decided to complete my Master of Science from California State University, Long Beach to pursue Sport and Exercise Psychology where I also continue to coach LBSU track and field today.

I’ll cut right to it. I have a passion to work with athletes and performers that CRAVE the extra “IT” factor- that mentaledge that separates them from everyone else. I know just how powerful the mind can be and how powerful of an athlete and performer you can become once you master the mental game. By mastering the mental game you could go from “good” to GREAT and I wish I had learned about that earlier. That is why I want to help you become the best you can be, because I’ve been there! If you want to improve your performance and learn how to train your mind to work WITH you not AGAINST you then let’s talk!

I would love to hear from you and talk about all of your goals and interests. Let’s discuss your questions and concerns and then talk about the strategies we can implement to help you grow your game! 

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