Brooke Fuller, M.Ed.

I’m gonna all-state, I’m gonna all-state! The words that played over and over in my mind to the beat of my feet hitting the pavement, the treadmill, or the steep, country road as a high school athlete chasing her dreams. Sleeping on the floor of a bus during a 12-hour road trip as a college athlete. Passion. Sore-muscles. Injury. Burnout. Motivation. Discipline. I get it!

After running track and cross-country throughout high school and playing college basketball, I understand the pressure you face as an athlete. I understand that there are days you wake up and do not feel like being disciplined anymore. I understand going back to the gym after practice, turning on the music, and falling in love with the game all over again. I understand the late nights of doing homework after practice or a game. I understand the elation you feel when you see the goals you have worked so hard for come to fruition. I also understand adversity! 

My passion for sport psychology developed while completing my master’s degree. I kept wondering what I could have accomplished if I would have been able to work with a mental performance consultant. If I would have had a mental game plan. I looked around my area and realized that so many individuals were in the same boat. This fueled my desire to work with athletes in this capacity and led me to pursue a doctoral degree in sport and performance psychology and begin working toward becoming a certified mental performance consultant. 

Outside of working toward these goals, my husband, Kyle, and I are raising four extremely energetic, spirited kiddos. Parenting is one of our greatest joys, but…not going to lie, also (at times) our greatest challenge! Trying to convince four kids to agree that Moana is the movie of choice or spaghetti is a good call for dinner is adversity in itself! Whether it be hitting a punching bag or working out in our basement, playing basketball in the parking lot across the street, or taking walks/bike rides around our town square, Kyle and I both stay very active with the kiddos. 

Now that you know a bit about me, I would love to get to know you! I am here to help you develop the mental strategies to accomplish your goals. Schedule a free mini session today!