365 Days of Meditation

Heck yeah! Goal achieved. That’s right. 365 consecutive days of meditation practice.

Are you supposed to celebrate meditation? Or am I supposed to be chill about it? This woman is going to celebrate. Although I would say I am considerably more chill now too.

A whole year! Every d*mn day. Meditations ranged from 3 minutes (some days are hard) to 2 hours. I know!

Some days I felt these big epiphanies. Aha moments. Game changer enlightenment.

Some days I just watched my to-do list roll by over and over. Trying to just observe and not add to it.

Some days I tried to solve life’s biggest mysteries. Getting frustrated the answers didn’t appear.

Some days I felt super anxious. Tightness in my chest. A little panic even.

Some days I felt tears rolling down my face. Like I was letting go of something I had carried for a while.

Some days I just needed a break and a minute (or 3) to regain some peace after a frustrating situation.

Some days I needed to “just calm down.” For the record, I am the only one who can say that to me. 🙂

Some days (many days really) I got up early, sat on the meditation couch with my dogs, and it was the best part of my day. They seriously love meditation time.

Some days I did not want to meditate. At all.

Sometimes it was because I was in a really good place and didn’t want to take time away to “just sit.”

Sometimes it was because I was not in a good place and kind of wanted to stay upset about it.

Some days I forgot until the very last minute and almost accidentally ended my streak. I was probably unreasonably attached to the goal and the little reward you get on the Headspace app, but hey, I’m achievement oriented!

Why is this so important? What changed? Why am I on day 375 (even when there are no more app awards)?

I feel like I have an underlying peace that I didn’t have before. I don’t get quite as swept up in my thoughts or situations. I notice my thoughts more. I can act from a more reflective place (not that I always do, I’m human).

I know that I’m more than my thoughts. I can identify when I’m having irrational thoughts. I know that I choose the thoughts to believe and that I create results in life through the thoughts I choose. I know that others are experiencing the same thing.

I have a clarity that I didn’t have before. I can sit with feelings and really feel them instead of trying to dismiss them or move past them. Which is good, because that never turns out well.

And I can help clients do the same.

Meditation is sometimes resisted by clients. I get it. Athletes are often doers. Meditation doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything. But developing a meditation practice is some of the best mental work you can do.

When clients have a mindfulness practice, they’re able to more easily identify thoughts and make changes. It always comes down to the thoughts. They’re able to relax faster…which I know sounds like an oxymoron, but it can be a game changer.

Meditation paired with some breathing work and you’re in a good place when it comes to managing your intensity and being composed in an intense situation.

Two outs, down a run, with a 3 & 2 count in the bottom of the 9th? Stepping up to the free throw line and needing to sink two shots? Taking a breath before serving match point? Meditation helps in all of those situations.

My mental game is better with meditation and yours will be too. Here’s to another year!

Ready to get started? Happy to share my thoughts and tips. Send me a message or schedule a free mini session!

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