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Are you a competitive athlete who desires to do well on and off the field?

If so, you can probably relate to the following unique challenges:

You’re practicing, you’re competing, you’re traveling, you’re in the weight room, you’re in the athletic training room, and you’re juggling other team obligations.

Oh and you’re a full-time person. 🙂

As an athlete, identity is often tied to your sport and your performance.

In competitive athletics, you’re expected to produce on the field. It’s less about effort and improvement and more about getting the win. The pressure can be overwhelming.

Add to this, facing unexpected challenges in your sport, the ONE thing that makes you feel clear and confident about who you are, and it can be unsettling. Things like…

  • You’re recently injured and everything is up in the air.
  • You’re not getting the playing time you had hoped for or expected.
  • You’re stuck “in your head” and it’s influencing your performance.
  • You’re attempting to adjust to new teammates and new coaching styles.

It’s at once a great accomplishment to be in your shoes and a totally “I’m not in Kansas anymore” moment.

If you’re anything like our clients, when you dreamed of competitive sports goals, you could picture yourself out on the court competing for your team, wearing the gear, and enjoying the joys of athlete life.

No one told you that you might be sitting the bench, carrying equipment, or worrying about keeping your starting position. And let’s be honest, before this level, you may have never experienced this.

You may even be in a sport system where you feel that you’re treated more as an employee than an athlete and that your worth is what you produce on the field.

Some athletes (and possibly teammates) see it that way too. They are there to play their sport and on-the-field is their only focus.

But then there are the athletes (like you) who want to be great at life too…

To get to this level, you had to have talent and a track record of success.

You might have had to do some work on your mental game, but the odds are you didn’t.

Now that the competition has increased and the stakes are higher, your mental game is often the difference between a win or loss or between starting line-up, some playing time, or supportive role player.

There’s an entire field dedicated to helping athletes like you improve their game both on and off the field.

The best athletes train their brain for the game…in sport and life.

Well-meaning people may be saying things to you like just focus, be more confident, or keep your composure, but they never follow up with how to do those things.

If it were that simple, you’d of course implement their advice right away.

We can show you how to do these things.

Hi, I’m Dr. Linda Sterling. Not only did I play collegiate softball and face some of the challenges mentioned above, I have doctorate & master’s degrees in sport psychology & counseling psychology, and several years of experience as a sport psychology consultant and psychology professor.

My team and I understand the competitive athletics system, but we’re not part of the system.

Due to this, we have a unique way of helping athletes thrive on and off the field.

We can show you how to get out of your head, focus, be more confident, keep your composure, along with other mental skills that will help you succeed.

It’s what we know.

We form close bonds and enjoy the process of working toward a goal with someone by our side.

As your coach, we care about you as an athlete, but even more so, as a person.

We’ll be on your (virtual) sideline. In your corner.

Encouraging you along the course.

We’re not here for your university, your athletic department, your club, or your team.

We’re here for you.

Seriously, our shirts will say “Go You.”

They’ve developed a game plan to win in life too.

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